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to close the
opportunity gap in tech.

Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not - yet. Across France and Germany, refugee, migrant and disadvantaged socio-economic communities remain underresourced, underrepresented and underestimated across many sectors of society. Despite their potential, their untapped talent is often overlooked.


Together with Salesforce, we are working with local education non-profits to redress the situation, to empower individuals with the digital skills to thrive in meaningful careers in an accelerating digital economy.


Bridging gaps and building capacity - let’s innovate so they too can thrive.

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Cultural diversity               at the heart of tech

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At INCO, we believe that inclusion and innovation go hand-in-hand. To enable an inclusive digital future, we're supporting six organisations in France and Germany with acceleration support to further the integration of cultural diversity in tech spaces.


For their communities, and 420 individuals with immigration backgrounds, this means dedicated IT training and placement support to help them reach their full potential.


Meet the organisations

We are delighted to announce our local partner organisations, non-profits selected as part of INCO Opportunity in France and Germany. Each of these organisations receives funding and capacity building support from INCO.


Inclusive solutions

and digital upskilling


To support learners take their next steps towards careers in IT, our local partner organisations are working to ensure that opportunities created

by technology are available to everyone. To achieve this, our 18-month acceleration program will provide each organisation with capacity building focussed on:

1360° Diagnostic      2- Implementation strategy 3Training delivery support

4- Organisational support     

5Peer-to-peer learning      6Placement support

Digitisation is a key enabler

to social and economic activity.


Our 420 learners will receive a full-time training and placement support to work in the following tech fields:


  • Cloud computing

  • Cyber security

  • AI & Machine Learning

  • Data science


What we teach is relevant to our shared futures. Let's work together to close the digital divide.


About INCO Academy


INCO Academy aims to give everyone the ability to learn the skills to succeed in the digital economy. Since our founding, we have helped thousands around the world unlock technical skills and reach their full potential through tech. It is more important than ever to upskill and reskill people for the jobs of the future, to ensure equitable opportunities can be accessed by all.

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